All that's important to us as human beings, as sons and daughters of the age, as Jews and Israelis.

Hashiloach — an Israeli journal for thought and policy, created by the Tikvah Fund — will be published for the first time on Rosh Hashanah 5777. The journal will offer a variety of in-depth and wide-ranging articles in fields stretching from the concrete questions of public policy to the philosophical roots of public discourse — without the affectations of academia, but with precise language and intellectual integrity.

About Us

Hashiloach is a new journal for thought and policy, which will serve as the crown jewel of the Tikvah Fund publications. Hashiloach aims to be a home for in-depth discussion of the big questions we face. With wide-ranging essays and articles of the best writers, and without the affectations of academia, Hashiloach will offer extensive and original treatment of a broad spectrum of fields: from general thought on human nature itself, to Jewish and Zionist thought and literature, to public policy issues touching on the current state and desirable future of the economy, society, culture, education, and national security.

Yoav Sorek, editor of Hashiloach, is an original thinker and a highly experienced journalist, the founder of the Shabbat section of Makor Rishon newspaper and other journals, and the author of The Israeli Covenant (Hebrew). Sorek is one of the leaders of a discourse which aims to shape a new Jewish-Israeli vision which will provide a response to the contemporary challenges Israel faces in the realm of culture and geopolitics.

Tsur Erlich


Yoav Sorek

Editor in Chief

Yuval Siman Tov

Deputy Editor

Amiad Cohen


Liat Natovich Koshizky

Deputy Editor

Eitan Wachspress

chief Administrator


The Tikvah Fund

The Tikvah Fund is an American philanthropic institution and think tank, which aims to cultivate intellectual and civic excellence among the Jewish People and in the State of Israel. The Fund carries out its task via educational and intellectual projects, which bring together the finest minds and theories in the fields of policy, morality, and economics which developed throughout history.

The Fund's Philosophy: In its political philosophy, the Fund is Zionist. Economically, it supports the free market. Culturally, it tends towards the traditional. In civilian and religious matters, it supports individual freedom. The Fund encourages open and active discussion and debate between parts of Israeli society, between Israel and the diaspora, and between Jewish and general thought. It invests in a wide range of projects and initiatives in Israel, the United States, and throughout the world, including academic and educational programs, research grants and publications.